Waterproofing your neighbourhood one project at a time. 

About GMG Waterproofing Solutions. 

GMG Waterproofing Solutions is a professional, industry licensed, mobile waterproofing service, servicing the Blue mountains, nepean, hawkesbury, sydney and all areas in between. 


We are a locally owned and operated business, with years of experience in construction, commercial, industrial, residential, internal and external waterproofing, within the industry, and are highly skilled specialists that ensure quality waterproofing and reliable results every time, using premium quality membrane systems and the latest technology to guard against water damage.


We are all about quality and consistency ensuring that every job is done with the same premium grade work and membranes that our customers have come to expect, as we are continually striving to set the highest possible standard for our waterproofing services.






In the building industry they say that waterproofing is 1.8% of construction costs but accounts for a whopping 83% of building defect complaints! Waterproofing is an essential step in your construction process, as it ensures the longevity of your home by reducing the possibility of structural damage to your home. 


Water can permeate through incorrectly applied or damaged membranes and can also pass above and below a sound membrane that is not detailed correctly. To the untrained eye, a seemingly small issue could be masking a larger issue.

Evident signs of waterproofing failure can include, 

Damp areas and fungi growth in adjoining rooms, swollen architraves and skirting boards, wet carpet with mould growth, fungal decay or staining, degradation of structural timbers and ceilings, strong musty odors, moisture droplets or staining to sub-floor timbers such as bearers and joists under or adjacent to wet areas, rising or penetrating damp in walls adjacent to wet areas.


Furthermore your waterproofing membrane system fails because of, 


Poor bathroom design, the use of an inappropriate or inadequate waterproofing system, incorrect installation or application by the waterproofing contractor, no written instructions or training provided with the membrane system, lack of supervision or quality control, particularly in preparation of the substrate, incorrect positioning of the installation of the shower screen, waterstops for hobless showers being too low, incorrect selection, installation or lack of a bond breaker, incompatible bond breaker or filler joint, sealant incompatible with waterproof membrane, damage to membrane after installation, and omissions of sealant around shower screen fixings. 

It only takes the wrong product or the incorrect installation, due to the lack of knowledge to damage and send the whole waterproofing project into disarray, that is why it's important that the waterproofing process should only be applied and carried out by a licensed, reputable, professional who can complete the work to a quality standard.

GMG Waterproofing Solutions have the experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of waterproofing and will provide long lasting, effective and economical solutions to fit within your specified needs.

Conditions and exclusions GMG Waterproofing Solutions takes all due care throughout the waterproofing process, however we will not take liability for damages to the waterproofing membrane if it is caused by following trades, third parties, water tracking, non watertight structures, poor design or leaks to areas of work due to no fault of the contractors.


Why is waterproofing important.

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